Leadership at TCC

Music Ministers

Texas Cowboy


Robert and Rosemary Moeckel

No Cowboy Church is complete without music and Robert and Rosemary Moeckel always provide a worship experience you won't forget.

Robert and Rosemary have traveled far and wide preaching and singing the message of Jesus Christ wherever they go.

Additional Music Ministries at TCC


TCC is home to many musicians who also travel abroad spreading the message of Jesus in music and word.  Here are just a few.

          Zac Clifton             Kist By Grace
          Living Proof           Pam Wilkinson
          Ted Berkey           Jeni Williams
          Crystal Kelner

Each year TCC provides Church At The Fair for the Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds.  You can usually catch most of the TCC talent all in one place then.

Pastor R.O. Murray


R.O. Murray and his wife Laurie Murray pastor the Texas Cowboy Church and have for the past 27 years.  

Pastor R.O., who we like to call Resilient Overcomer, spent the first part of his life running from God.  That wound him up in a jail cell where God finally had his attention.  R.O. turned his life over to God and hasn't looked back, not one time.

One of the many things Pastor R.O. tries to convey to the congregation is a spirit of never giving up.  The enemy may attack but we know from whom our strength comes from... it is from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Pastor RO Murray


Founded: 1996

Denomination: Non-denominational


TCC Summed Up: 
Little church in the country where God and Country Meet!